Carson Inc. Software Development

We need the right tools for the users to work with. Solutions that are friendly, efficient, and get the job done right.

Software solutions have reached a level of sophistication where we can turn them into almost anything we need. A little configuration of parameters, some setting of options, fire up the report writer and add a couple of custom extensions and voila, the Eagle has landed and we have a solution. Most of the time.

But, sometimes there simply is no other way to the end game than the development of customized, written-only-for-you, software. It is not that we favor customized software over COTS, it is just that we believe the solution has to fit the need, optimally.

Find what matters and control what counts has its parallel here: define the need and deliver what works. At Carson Inc. we take our customer’s needs seriously, and we build software solutions that work – for you!

Carson Inc. Experience

We have a cadre of technical experts in database and web technologies and continue to expand our contract base in the technical arena. Customers include the Department of State, General Services Administration (GSA), U.S. Army, Army National Guard, SAINT Corporation, and US Army Corps of Engineers.

Our technology services include the following:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Web Application Development
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Custom Software Applications
  • Software Deployment and Configuration
  • COTS Configuration and Integration

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