Carson Inc.'s Partners

Carson Inc. selectively aligns itself with firms that allow us to maximize services in our key business areas. We also confirm our commitment to extending our customer value through strategic partnerships with selected product vendors that offer solutions to meeting a wide spectrum of cyber-security challenges. For example, in the area of vulnerability management, we have developed a strategic alliance with SAINT Corporation - one of the very first vulnerability management solutions in the world, and author of a number of important innovations in cloud-hosted scanning, integrated tool suites, and compliance. Through this partnership, and others like it, Carson Inc. combines the power of industry-leading technical solutions with highly skilled, knowledgeable and customer-focused experts to meet the complex demands in protecting and defending our customer's most important resources. Carson Inc.'s current list of strategic partners includes:


Carson Inc. welcomes consultants with specialized skills to consider our affiliate's program. The affiliate's program provides mutual benefits for independent consultants and Carson Inc. through collaborations in marketing, business opportunities, consulting, and business support services. For more information on the affiliate program and how it can benefit you, contact us.