Carson Inc. Business Analytics

To enable smarter decision making, we need intelligent transformation of data into information.

We have gone through non-relational, 3G, 4G, and now Big Data. As storage technology becomes more advanced, everyone seems to have a sensor or input point, or link. The amount of data we are collecting is going from big to enormous, soon to be followed by gargantuan.

But what is the point of all these bits and bytes if we cannot make sense out of it. Really smart sense, where the decision making is not just easier, but better. Where a pie is not something you eat, but something that eats data and tells you what it really means.

The answer is not just in the math, it is in the ability to understand the question, decipher what the data can reveal, and then find just the right way to tell the story.

It takes the ability to use the technology, combined with analytical skills, and visualization of the applicable information for clarity in communication. At Carson Inc., bringing information to life is the perfect balance of science and creative design.

Carson Inc. Experience

Carson Inc. brings functional and technical experts together to ensure we meet our customer’s growing need for relevant and accessible data to help make better business decisions. We provide the skills, technologies, and practices that turn raw data into valuable information using dashboards that will help drive business performance and accomplish analytic excellence based on data and statistical methods.

Our business analytics services include the following:

  • Business Intelligence/Tool Integration
  • Data Integration/Data Warehousing
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Data Management/Data Migration
  • Custom Analytics Development

Our customers include Department of State, General Services Administration, Army Corps of Engineers, and Department of Army.

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